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The Otterspace!

A Plushie's Paw Pet

Cooper had been trying without success to upgrade the hardware of his computer. The short-stack otter could only conclude after many failed attempts that he had been sent the wrong-sized parts. It wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to return them and get them replaced, but it would be a process that would take some time. He would have much preferred if he didn’t have to deal with this sort of thing anymore, but it had to be done if he wanted his machine to work properly again.

By the time the new parts arrived, he had nearly lost his patience trying to get his computer to limp along with barely functional parts. He was in the middle of trying to wrangle what was supposed to be a simple software fix when he heard the doorbell ring.

“Oh thank dog,” said the otter, swinging his wide thighs around on his chair and stepping away from the computer. His pudge wobbled a little as he walked to the entrance, sliding the bolt into the unlocked position and opening the door. What he saw standing there surprised him a little.

“Owashii?” asked Cooper. The living anthro corgi plushie in front of him nodded, holding a large box in her arms. Though Cooper was fairly short at only 3 feet tall, she was the same height and he didn’t get that initial fluster from looking at someone taller than him.

“Hello!” she replied cheerfully. “These are the thingies that you need to fix your computer, right? It was just kinda sitting outside your door.” Cooper had thought that perhaps she had taken a side-job making deliveries, but it made more sense that it was just a matter of timing lining up.

“Yeah, thanks! Would have been nice if they let me know it was delivered, though.” The otter extended his hands to accept the box, but the corgi simply walked around him to set it on his desk.

As she walked past, Cooper noticed an enticing smell wafting upwards. He looked down at the floor and his eyes opened wide as he saw pawprints outlined from steam condensation. This was definitely new since he saw her last. The corgi’s soft plushie feet were attractive enough as it was, but they hadn’t given off heat like that before He couldn’t help but imagine how they would feel against his face, what it would be like to taste them, to smell them, to-

“Cooper. Hey, Cooper!”

The otter’s thoughts were interrupted by Owashii, who had set the box down and was looking at him with a tilted head. He squeaked and blushed a bright blue as he realized how intently he had been staring at her pawprints. Given their paw-filled history with each other this wasn’t anything for him to be particularly embarrassed about, but reactions are reactions. She giggled at his response.

“I knew you’d like them! You’re upgrading your computer, I upgraded my paws!” She leaned back against the desk and lifted up a leg, showing off her sole. They were glistening with sweat, the pawpads shining in the light from the room. “I was like ‘hey vanilla is fun and all but what if I made them more like real paws?’ So, now they get sweaty!”

Cooper just stared at her paw, blushing deeply with his thoughts going into what it would be like to experience them. The clear fluster in his face set off a particular mood in Owashii—she was normally submissive but if friends reacted to her in such a way, it encouraged her dominant side. Fortunately, she had a feeling this would happen and came prepared.

“The box isn’t the only thing I brought,” she said with a grin, lowering her leg down onto the floor. She had a zipper on her back which held her stuffing, and was also handy for storage. Unfortunately, it was awkwardly placed and she struggled to reach it. This time was no different and the corgi found herself spinning in circles, failing to grab the zipper.

“Augh, dammit,” She finally stopped after a few full rotations with her back to the otter. “Could you open me up real quick? I got you something and was gonna surprise you with it but…” She grunted and made another failed reach for the zipper. “...I really need to get that fuckin’ pouch sewn on.”

Cooper blinked a few times and nodded, reaching up to the zipper on the corgi’s back and pulling it down. Within the stuffing inside the corgi he could see something purple and made of leather. He pulled it out to examine it and discovered it was his own collar that he had misplaced a few days ago. The tag was a different color though, brass instead of aluminum. The otter squeaked in surprise as he saw the words “Good boy” inscribed on the tag.

“Yay, surprised you after all!” said Owashii happily. “You left that at my place the other day, and I decided we should just do it instead of talking about it.”

Cooper thought back to what they had discussed last time they were together. They’d talked about games and he’d mentioned his repeated attempts to upgrade his computer. She’d teased him about making him her paw pet, and…


“Yep! There’s leash in there too. Be a good boy and grab it for me,” said the corgi with a wiggle of her tail.

The blushing otter reached into Owashii’s back and felt around the stuffing, until his hand grabbed onto what felt like a leather strap. He pulled it out and saw that it was indeed a leash, the same color as his collar. Though he was a bit shy, he was definitely eager and placed the leash in the corgi’s waiting hand. She grasped it and simply held it, not doing anything else. Cooper thought she might be waiting for him to put on the collar, so he slipped it around his neck and buckled the strap in place. But the corgi remained quiet.

The two stood there in awkward silence for about a minute. She seemed to be waiting for something but he wasn’t entirely sure what. His submissive nature had taken hold and he didn’t want to ask, not because he was afraid but simply because he didn’t want to speak unless spoken to. Fortunately for both of them, Owashii sensed this and giggled.

“Cooper I can’t turn around when I’m unzipped like this or my stuffing will fall out,” she explained.

“Ah! S-sorry, I was, erm…” He trailed off into a blushing silence, quickly zipping her back up.

“Nah, I totally get it, you’re excited!” Owashii turned to face him with a feminine twist, standing with a hip perked to the side and her body leaning into it slightly. She twirled the leash in her hand, the metal clasp arcing in a circle. “So how do you want me to do this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean what kind of dom? Play-bully, mom dom, that sort of thing.”

“I’d prefer a mom dom.”

“What was that, my pet?” Owashii grinned at him expectantly.

Cooper gulped and fidgeted with his hands a little bit before speaking again. “...Mom dom please, Mistress,” he said, his cheeks flushing bright blue once again.

“Good boy!” She reached forward to pet the otter between the ears, causing the tip of his thick tail to waggle back and forth.

“Aaaaaa!” was all the happily flustered otter could manage to say in response, with the reality of the situation starting to sink in: this was really happening, he was actually going to be her paw pet for a while.

With leash in hand, the corgi clipped the clasp onto Cooper’s collar and gave a gentle downward tug. Cooper quickly got down onto his hands and knees, looking up at the female plushie now looming above him.

“Very good boy! I didn’t even need to tell you what to do!” She lifted a footpaw and scrunched her toes a few times. “Good boys get treats! And I know exactly what you want.” She planted that paw on his face, her middle-pad squishing against his nose and toes grasping his snout. He immediately took a long and deep sniff, feeling her essence rush into his senses.

He had liked her paws before when they smelled like pure vanilla, but this was on a completely different level. It was as if she had exaggerated the smell, that distinct aroma of paw thick and heady, like a dense fog in his nostrils. He let out a shuddering exhale, hugging himself to her foot and taking another greedy sniff of her scent.

“You are being such a good boy for me,” she purred at him. Cooper squirmed happily at her words, burying his face deeper into her paw. Though it smelled and felt like an actual paw, there were no bones and his snout completely squished into it, her fur and pads completely conforming to his face. She couldn’t help but grin at his reaction.

“Oh wow, you really liked that, didn’t you?” she giggled. He nodded and gave a happy little muffled whine into her paw.

“Eeee, you are so fucking cute I can’t stand it!” Owashii blinked a few times. “Oh, moms aren’t supposed to swear, right?” She put a finger under her chin and looked up in thought. “I mean, that didn’t stop my mom, but still. Mom dom doesn’t mean I need to actually be a mom… I might be overthinking it. Am I overthinking it?” She looked back down at Cooper and smiled when she realized he was more focused on her paw than on her words. The corgi realized that the specifics weren’t the point, it was more about the roles. So, she decided to lean into it.

“Such a good boy, nuzzling into Mistress’s paws. Don’t you just love how they smell?” Cooper whined happily and nodded, taking his deepest sniff yet. The corgi lightly smushed her paw against his face a bit more to entice him to sniff even deeper.

Cooper was losing himself in the paw, its scent hitting just the right spot in his mind to put him into a trance of relaxation. Owashii was content to simply let him sniff for a few minutes, knowing full well how much her smell was clouding up his senses. The otter had been right about the intensity of the scent: she had the artificial sweat glands in her pads made them extremely sensitive to temperatures. The corgi was never one for sublety and when she went for something, she went for it hard.

“Open your mouth, sweat chugger,” she said suddenly.

Cooper yelped in surprise, his body not sure how else to respond to his favorite nickname. He didn’t need to be told what to do next as he took her sweat-dripping toes into his mouth and began to suckle on them.

“That’s my good sweat chugger!” She grabbed the chair from the desk and slid it into position, taking a seat with her toes still in the otter’s mouth. She daintily lifted the other paw to cover his nose while he sucked the sweat from the sponge-like pads. It tasted like real sweat, salty and savory as it splashed down his throat. He drank the corgi’s paw-sweat until he couldn’t drink another drop, his stomach full and slightly extended with all that liquid sloshing around inside of it.

“Aww, is my little paw pet all full up?” She gently removed the toes from his mouth, a connecting liquid strand stretching and breaking as the paw slipped from his lips.

“Yes Mistress,” he said with a distinct tone of contented fullness in his voice. He took another deep sniff of the toes covering his nose, his cheeks still flush with a happy glow. This was just as wonderful as he had hoped it would be when they were simply discussing it a few days before.

“Good boy!” said Owashii. Cooper’s tail-tip wiggled again at the praise. The corgi pulled her paws away from his face and tugged him upwards with the leash. “Now why don’t you get yourself comfortable under the desk, and I’ll see about getting that hardware installed for you.”

The otter’s face was drenched with sweat, and he wiped a little from his eyes before walking on his hands and knees to the desk. Owashii turned the chair to watch him as he wedged himself into the opening beneath the desk, in the perfect place for her to prop her paws.

“Such a good, eager boy!” came the corgi’s praise, followed by her paws planted squarely on the otter’s face. Cooper began to kiss at them gratefully as he felt her weight shifting slightly and heard the noises of her tinkering with metal and plastic. He was very warm and comfortable underneath those paws, that heavy fragrance once again filling his senses. It wasn’t long before he started to succumb to the relaxation, and drifted into a peaceful paw-filled slumber.

“Dammit! Why are these things so fiddly?”

Cooper was woken up suddenly by the corgi swearing at something. The otter found that he couldn’t open his eyes and had a brief moment of slight panic before remembering where he was and what he had been doing before. He gently lifted the paws off of his face, and saw that there was a pile of computer parts on the floor next to him.

“E-everything okay Owa?”

“Mistress.” The corgi’s correction was unusually stern for her, and she was clearly not amused.

“S-sorry, Mistress,” he said very apologetically, folding his little otter ears back. He had forgotten that they were still playing and felt a little guilty, but that was mostly due to her tone.

Owashii sighed and pushed away from the desk, looking down at him. “I’m sorry. It’s not you. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with this and I’m trying to look it up on my phone, and none of these online guides know what the hell they’re talking about. I know I’ll find one eventually, but for fuck’s sake if they could just give me information instead of writing an essay about why it’s important...”

“That’s okay, I can take care of it later,” said Cooper quietly and reassuringly up at her. “And um… thanks for indulging me.”

“Indulging you?” Owashii tilted her head in confusion.

“Well yeah, letting me be your pet for a while. It was nice, we should do it again some time.”

Owashii giggled, finally understanding. “Oh sweetie, you didn’t think this was just a game did you?”

Cooper’s eyes opened wide. “W-we’re just playing… right?”

The corgi grinned and shook her head. “I play for keeps, Cooper.” She grabbed hold of the leash still attached to his collar. “And you…” she gave an emphatic tug on the leash and squished his face deep into both her paws. “...are mine.” She could feel the heated blush on his face as he nuzzled his way deeper.

“Thank you Mistress,” he squeaked muffledly from underneath her. He wouldn’t have been able to hide his excitement if he tried, his thick tail swishing around on the floor and body squirming around with delight. Owashii was equally delighted at his reaction.

“Well, guess I don’t need to ask if you’re okay with it! Such a good boy, maybe even the best boy!” She playfully kneaded against his face with those sweat-covered toes, renewing the layer of moisture clinging to his face-fur. He whined happily into her soles, eliciting a giggle from the corgi.

“You are precious!” She closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair, taking a break from working on the computer and just enjoying the otter under her paws.

It would take Cooper some time to get used to this arrangement and referring to Owashii exclusively as “Mistress.” But in the end, this was what he really wanted: to be able to stop doing everything else and spend all his time being a plushie’s paw pet.