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The Otterspace!

Hello traveller, I'm Cooper!

I'm a furry-trash, zillenial (read 27), tech-generalist who pretends to be an otter online.

This site is mostly a repository of all the super-duper-cool stuff that people have made for me; if I ever get off my fat ass and learn programming properly, it might also house some cool projects (haha yeah right).

There's a whole bunch of stuff in here, and a hell of a lot of it is lewd and some of it weird. If you're freaked by anything in there, uh, my bad I guess? I'll find a way of doing content filtering at some point, I just don't want to use JS to do it.


Other Places to Find Me

You can find me in the places below; listed in order of how frequently I actually use them. Sorry FurAffinity

Fair warning, a whole lot of this stuff will be NSFW/18+ -- You've been warned